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Why Retirement Homes in Victoria Are Among the Best in Canada

June 22, 2022

When you are looking for a retirement home, there are a lot of things you might want or need from your future home. And one of the key pieces is where you want to live, taking in mind what type of lifestyle you want to enjoy.


Victoria continues to be the destination of choice for Canadian retirees. So why are retirement homes in Victoria among the best in Canada?


Victoria is a popular destination for seniors and other retirees. According to a 2019 survey, over 9.6% of residents living in Victoria were over the age of 75.


One of the great advantages of living in Victoria is the temperate climate. Generally speaking, past a certain age, people prefer not to deal with extremes of hot and cold, and Victoria, being in the sub-Mediterranean zone, enjoys some of the most moderate weather in Canada. Combined with lush vegetation and healthy sea air, it makes an excellent destination for virtually anyone, but particularly for seniors.


Victoria ranks as one of the best places in BC and all of Canada to retire. With a large number of retirees being drawn to the area, Victoria offers many activities that are geared toward seniors. Older residents can enjoy everything from old-fashioned quilting bees to exercise classes, yoga, and more, designed specifically for their needs. There are also social clubs and senior centres that provide opportunities to meet other seniors.


Today’s seniors are a generally healthy bunch, owing not only to advances in health care but also to the prevalence of healthier lifestyles and a greater understanding of the benefits of remaining physically active as we grow older.


With so many activities available to seniors and an environment that practically begs one to spend more time outdoors, it’s no wonder that retirees are enjoying greater health. But even for those who are facing some difficulties as they age, there are many benefits to life in Victoria. For example, the large number of retirees has drawn many geriatric specialists and therapists to the city. In fact, they number higher per capita than in most other Canadian cities.


Then, of course, there are the retirement homes themselves. There are many excellent residences for all levels of senior living, accommodating everyone from the most active and independent seniors to those who require a little more assistance in their daily needs.

The Best Retirement Home in Victoria

If Victoria is one of the best places in BC for retirees, Oak Bay is one of the best places in Victoria. It’s here that you will find Carlton House, offering the best all-inclusive senior living in this highly sought-after location, where you will enjoy fine dining, excellent accommodations, and a lifestyle that will make you wish you’d come here sooner.


So, the answer to why retirement homes in Victoria are among the best in Canada is simply that Victoria itself offers so much. When you are looking for a temperate climate, engaging activities, excellent healthcare, and some of the finest accommodations available, Victoria is the place to be.

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