Peace of mind


It’s nice to know that someone is always aware of how you are doing. At Carlton House, the level of safety, security and comfort is reassuring to residents and families alike. You don’t have to worry if dad is eating enough or if mom has someone to take her to her appointments – our professional and friendly staff have their eyes and ears open 24/7.

All Carlton House suites are equipped with emergency call bells, smoke detectors, alarms and sprinkler systems that are checked regularly. Our boutique size and high staff-to-resident ratio means that there’s always someone keeping an eye out for you and your parent’s welfare; you never have to look far for help should you need it.

While Carlton House is an “independent living” residence, it is important to know that as your needs change and grow, your address doesn’t have to. Our Executive Director is highly knowledgeable and skilled at assessing senior’s needs and directing them to the best care possible. We work with a number of personal and professional home care agencies, meaning that those who require extra assistance receive it, while Carlton House continues to retain its homey feel.

When I walked into Carlton House I knew it was where I wanted to be. The building was cozy and full of laughter and chit-chat. Everyone was cheerful and friendly with each other and I liked that. ~ Sydnie Bonner