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Owners & Staff

Wishing you a warm Hello!

We’ve built Carlton House to be your home.

As the builders and owners of Carlton House, we are very proud of what this residence means to so many people and their families. We built Carlton House to be your home. Our goal is that you are treated as we would wish to be treated – after all, we’re getting older too!

As owners, we participate in activities and special events at Carlton House on a regular basis. You will get to know us and we will get to know you. We do not have a head office in Toronto to report to and no one is telling us to cut corners. In fact, we just keep shooting for the moon so that you can live your best life and Carlton House remains the very best of what Victoria has to offer.

Don’t ever hesitate to communicate with us. We are here for you – as is our outstanding and passionate Executive Director Philippe Couveignes and his dedicated staff.


Steve Clark, Betsyn Clark, and Judi Prewett
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