At Carlton House, your time is your own and the toughest part of your day is deciding how to spend it. We do our best to ensure that there’s always something to do but ultimately, we value your freedom as much as you do. Whether you want to further your education by attending our in-house lectures, take a walk in one of Victoria’s numerous green spaces or just while away the afternoon with a good book, you’re free to do it here.

Our job is to free up time so you can do what you enjoy doing. As such, we provide an all-inclusive package of services that takes the hassles out of daily living. It includes:

– Three daily meals, prepared by our highly-skilled and creative chefs.
– Weekly housekeeping and bed linen service.
– An extensive and varied leisure program focusing on social, intellectual and recreational opportunities.
– Personalized transportation to appointments and shopping.
– Round-the-clock emergency call bell monitoring and on-site security.
– Daily “good morning” check-in program.
– Complimentary laundry facilities on each floor.
– Three tiers of cablevision.
– Secure underground parking.
– Pet-friendly suites.

Carlton House also has a hair stylist, esthetician and massage therapist on-site, as well as friendly and capable front desk and maintenance staff who can help you with everything from suite alterations to dinner reservations. We can handle pretty well anything you need done, so don’t be shy to ask!


If you are thinking about a move consider the peace of mind you will have at Carlton House. The comfort level is beyond expectation. The staff here is excellent. The people are pleasing to talk to. You never have to worry about being left alone again. ~ David McAlary