Mission Statement

Our Vision, in strategically setting Carlton House in Oak Bay Village, one of the most senior friendly neighbourhoods of Victoria, is to provide a home which naturally inspires a healthy, nurturing and independent lifestyle, for the one or loved ones, who are in search of a caring, safe and respectful surrounding atmosphere.

Our Mission, is to stand by our resident’s side to preserve, support and enhance their essential human assets of health and wellness.

Our Commitment is to be the attentive and efficient provider of a well-minded sense of hospitality, while remaining thoughtful of our resident’s lifestyle expectations.

Our Strength is our ability to inspire, guide and encourage our employees to put their best selves forward to provide a caring and natural way of catering to our residents, which is genuinely defined by them as “just the way things should be…”.

Carlton House strives to transform itself into a one of a kind Boutique Senior Residence, where our residents quickly feel a more exclusive sense of identity. It is that the residents themselves recommend us to others and love Carlton House for all that it is – we value them, and they value us!

Upgrade your life without compromise




Carlton House is a wonderful place to live. The management is an impressive team whose leadership reflects the cooperation and cheerfulness of both staff and residents. ~ Merrill Cook