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Neighbourhood Feature: Bowker Creek Walkway

September 15, 2020

There are many great spots near Carlton House of Oak Bay where you can experience a bit of nature. Bowker Creek Walkway is one of these places, with the trailhead located just 5 minutes from Carlton House.

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Bowker Creek flows through Saanich, Victoria, and Oak Bay, with the majority of the 8 kilometre river flowing underground. The 2.5 kilometres that are above ground flow through Oak Bay, right along the Bowker Creek Walkway.

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To reach Bowker Creek Walkway from Carlton House of Oak Bay, head North on Elgin Road. After walking for about 5 minutes (350 meters), you’ll reach the end of Elgin Road where the Bowker Creek trail begins.

The trail itself is 1.3 kilometres and is good for walkers of all skill levels. There are benches and picnic tables along the way so walkers can stop and take in the nature around them. Leashed dogs are allowed on the trail, so it’s also a great place to take your furry friend for a bit of exercise.

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Following the trail, you will eventually come to Monterrey Ave, which you can take to get back to Carlton House by walking South for about 300 meters until you reach Oak Bay Ave. Then, turn right on Oak Bay Ave and head West for 450 meters until you reach Carlton House. For a slightly shorter version of the walk, you can exit the trail on Hampshire Road.

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