Carlton House has the enviable position of being situated right in the heart of Oak Bay, an idyllic seaside community known for its attractive shopping avenue, bountiful walking opportunities and some of Canada’s grandest heritage homes and gardens.

Settled by the British at the turn of the century as a streetcar suburb of Victoria, Oak Bay retains its European charm, prompting some to remark that it’s “more English than England itself.” And though you certainly won’t have any trouble finding a fish and chip shop or tearoom here, Oak Bay also has an excellent selection of art galleries, restaurants, rec centres and far more sunny days than an English hamlet would ever see.

Oak Bay is exceptionally pedestrian-friendly, and with Carlton House’s location right on the Avenue, many of our residents decide to give up their cars within months of moving in. Banks, grocery stores, coffee shops, a post office and pharmacy are all within striking distance. Avid walkers can also venture outside the village, wandering the many peaceful residential streets and nearby shoreline paths.

Often you don’t even have to leave Carlton House to appreciate its location. In winter, residents take in the lighted truck parade from their balconies, while in spring and summer they cheer on marathoners and admire collectible cars at the annual car show.

Oak Bay has something for everyone. Whether you’ve lived here for years, have visited the area in the past, or are totally new, why not come visit us and see what all the fuss is about. We’d be happy to show you around.


When I walked into Carlton House I knew it was where I wanted to be. The building was cozy and full of laughter and chit-chat. Everyone was cheerful and friendly with each other and I liked that. ~ Sydnie Bonner