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Activities & Wellness

Our New Wellness Program

Covid-19 brought some very unique challenges to our doorstep in the spring of 2020. Our usual day-to-day activity calendar was turned upside down with new restrictions put in place, and we were left with very few COVID-safe activities.

We took this challenge as an opportunity to really look at what our residents wants and needs are, and make the in-house activities better than ever. Out of this, the Wellness Program was created.

Our Wellness Program is built on three main pillars: Physical Health, Mental Health, and Social Engagement. COVID exposed to us the importance of maintaining your health in all three of these areas more than ever, so we brought in an expert to help us make this happen.

Jamille Morrison has her undergraduate degree in psychology and applied ethics, a passion for health and wellbeing, and has interest in art, yoga, and meditation. When she’s not a work, she is volunteering in a counselling program, or hiking with her dog.

We believe that when these three pillars are fulfilled, a person is their happiest and healthiest version of themselves at any given age, and most importantly in seniors. While nothing is ever mandatory, Jamille and our team respectfully support each resident in fulfilling each of these aspects to the best of their ability each week.

With each of our residents being incredibly unique, Jamille also schedules weekly time for one-on-one meetings in order to develop personal and meaningful relationships. And of course, her office is right in the building and her door is always open for discussions or suggestions.

Since Jamille has come on board, we have had countless unique and interesting activities for our residents! If you would like to see a sample of a monthly activity calendar, please get in touch with us directly.

Jamille Wellness Program 2
Jamille Morrison

So much to do.

You can be as active as you wish at Carlton House independent senior residences. We encourage residents to participate in activities that promote connection, health and well-being. We have a strong program to choose from on a daily basis.

Sample Activities


Everyday brings is a fresh choice of activities to participate in, from yoga classes to group painting and card games. We believe in nourishing the mind and body! Activity calendars are updated frequently.


Visit a beach, pub, botanical gardens or a historic attraction. Outings are planned weekly. We'll take you there in our comfy Carlton House van.


A variety of speakers come to Carlton House to share insights on wide-ranging topics such as health, aging, travel and adventure. Must not miss!


Complementing our Fitness Room is gentle yoga and strength classes. You can get in ship shape if you choose. We also have a personal trainer that works with residents on an individual basis.


Weekly live music is one of the most fun events at Carlton House. From concerts on our baby grand piano to jazz bands and swing nights, you'll be impressed by the variety!


In the age of Netflix, you might wonder why we host movie nights in our common room. The answer is easy. Popcorn!

Men's Club

As there are typically more women than men living at Carlton House, we created a special club to help men connect with each other. Typical activities include games, social bridge and attending local hockey games.


People walk here all day long. Carlton House frequently organizes coffee outings with walk and visits to the Oak Bay Marina.

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