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Activities & Wellness

It’s All About Wellness

With a program focused on whole-person wellness, and a new calendar each month packed with things to do, there really is something for everyone at Carlton House.

Our program is led by Wellness Manager Debby Macmurchie, who has 28 years of recreation experience working with the older adult. Debby’s vision for a well-rounded approach, focused on the different components of well-being, has shaped our program.

So, what is whole-person wellness? Simply put, it’s the well-being of a person’s whole body, mind, and spirit. It’s a positive approach to living that addresses the multiple dimensions of a person’s wellness.

More specifically, there are six dimensions of wellness that we focus on. These are: physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and vocational. Our program ensures easy access to a wide range of options for residents, for both activities and services that support whatever their specific wellness needs may be.

And many of these options support more than just one of the dimensions – in some cases, all six! For example, someone involved in the Gardening Club might find the activity to be good for fresh air and exercise (physical), enjoy interacting with other gardeners (social), benefit from learning new techniques (intellectual), reduce stress through working with plants (emotional), appreciate beauty, nature, and life (spiritual), and develop a new interest through a form of volunteerism (vocational).

The benefits of being in an independent living community that fulfills all these elements are invaluable. Not only are we at our happiest and healthiest when our six dimensions needs are met, but typically we stay healthier, sharper, and more independent for a longer time.

While nothing is ever mandatory, Debby and our team respectfully support each resident in fulfilling these dimensions to the best of their ability each week.

Debby Macmurchie

So much to do.

You can be as active as you wish at Carlton House. We encourage residents to participate in activities that promote connection, health, and well-being. And we have a strong program to choose from on a daily basis.

The program is shaped by ongoing resident feedback and adapts to the changing seasons (and public health measures) – so it’s never stagnant and always being fine-tuned. If there’s an activity that our residents would like to see added to the list, all they need to do is ask!

If you would like to see a sample of our monthly activity calendar, please reach out. In the meantime, here are a few examples of wellness services and activities at Carlton House.

Sample Activities


The services that keep you on track and feeling good are all in one place. Book time with the onsite salon. Get footcare, hearing aid clinics, and walker tune-ups. Book a little extra help, transportation, or even personal shopping!


Everyday brings is a fresh choice of activities to participate in, from yoga classes to group painting and card games. We believe in nourishing the mind and body! Activity calendars are updated frequently.

Themed Celebrations

A themed dinner for every holiday, and many others just for fun! Residents enjoy getting dressed up accordingly and getting into the spirit – whether its for Robbie Burns, or Hawaiian night!


Visit a beach, pub, botanical gardens or a historic attraction. Outings are planned weekly. We'll take you there in our comfy Carlton House van.

Lifelong Learners

We partner with schools, universities, and guest speakers to offer educational programming on a variety of topics like health, aging, travel, adventure, history, technology, and more. We even have iPad classes.


Complementing our Fitness Room is gentle yoga and strength classes. You can get in ship shape if you choose. We also have a personal trainer that works with residents on an individual basis.


Weekly live music is one of the most fun events at Carlton House. From concerts on our baby grand piano to jazz bands and swing nights, you'll be impressed by the variety!


In the age of Netflix, you might wonder why we host movie nights in our common room. The answer is easy. Popcorn!

Men's Club

As there are typically more women than men living at Carlton House, we created a special club to help men connect with each other. Typical activities include games, social bridge and attending local hockey games.

Even More Clubs

Find something you’re already passionate about or just try something new! We have clubs and groups for different interests like gardening, books, current events, knitting, and living well.


With the Oak Bay Village at our doorstep, and many scenic strolls around the corner, our location is certainly a walker’s paradise. We frequently organize drive-and-walks to the most beautiful places, so you can experience them all.

Giving Back

Residents who are driven to give back to their community have lots of choices. Find what suits you best whether that be charity work, leading a club, teaching others, or serving in a niche role.

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