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John Hillman’s Fundraiser Success

June 10, 2020

John Hillman’s 101 laps to raise $101,000 for Save the Children Canada’s Covid-19 relief fund was a massive success! The total amount raised surpassed the goal, with $168,788 raised and a few more donations still trickling in.

John has been committed to service his entire life, which is evident from his years spent serving his country in the Royal Air Force.

Johhn in Aleppo Syria John no shirt with Instrument Mechanic Radio Group en route to desert 267 Squadron in transit Italy to India

And now with this fundraiser, John has yet again displayed his commitment to service through his determination to raise funds to help children in need.

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Photo by Molly Jane Photography

We’d like to thank everyone who has donated to John’s fundraiser online and in-person for helping us surpass John’s goal, we are forever grateful for the support and well-wishes. John has written a letter of thank you to the general public and media, which you can read here.

We’d also like to extend a special thank you to the following people and organizations who have shown their appreciation of John’s fundraiser efforts and his 101 laps around the courtyard:

• Chris Walker of Christopher Developments who organized four (and piloted one) vintage Nanchang airplanes to fly over Carlton House and offer a sky-high salute to honour John. See the video here.

• Art Bamford of City Wide Scooters & Wheelchairs for the new walker they gifted to John

• Garden City Tree & Landscape for the “101” flower bed display

• Molly Jane Photography for donating her time and capturing the event

• David Martin the bagpiper who accompanied John on his final laps. See the video here

• Stephanie Greaves who offering up her singing talents at the finale

• Queen’s Own Rifles Vancouver Island Chapter who came down to Carlton House to show support

• Oak Bay Police, Fire Department, Paramedics, and other first responders who were at Carlton House almost daily to show their support

• Mr. Kenny Podmore, a representative of the Royal Canadian British Legion Branch 37 who honoured John and 2 other veterans & residents with pins commemorating VE Day

• John’s children and grandchildren and great grandchildren who helped encourage him on this endeavor

• Thank you to the local media who helped propel the campaign and added to its overall success

• Thank you to the entire community that showed up to support John on his daily walks!

Although John’s fundraiser has come to an end, you can still learn about and donate to the Save the Children Canada and the Covid-19 relief fund here.

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Photos by Molly Jane Photography.

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