Ask any Carlton House resident what it is they love most about living here, and they’ll tell you it’s the company. Our people are vibrant, accomplished and engaged – people who live full lives and like to have a good time.

Many seniors resist leaving their family home because they believe retirement homes are for “old people,” and that because they still have command of their faculties, this is not the place for them. What they don’t realize is that Carlton House is not a nursing home or a hospital, and our residents are not patients but people – people who, as it turns out, make for pretty great neighbours!

Life at Carlton House is inherently social. That’s what happens when you move to a community of people who share your age and interests – you want to spend time with them! New residents receive a warm welcome and are very quickly made to feel at home. We often notice the benefits of increased socialization within weeks of moving in – better self-confidence, more energy, and a renewed sense of belonging and purpose. Being involved in our community makes residents feel like they’re contributing to society, simply because, well, they are!

Talented, intelligent, hilarious and kind, our residents are what make Carlton House such a special place to live. Come and see for yourself!




Carlton House is a wonderful place to live. The management is an impressive team whose leadership reflects the cooperation and cheerfulness of both staff and residents. ~ Merrill Cook