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Careers at Carlton House

Careers at Carlton House

If you are looking for a fun, collaborative environment, Carlton House might just be the place for you.

Carlton House is an independent living senior’s residence in the Oak Bay Village. Here we provide a quality place to live, and great hospitality services for independent and mature adults. We ensure a safe and healthy community for our residents, with all the comforts of home.

Carlton House of Oak Bay

Be Part of a Community

Without a doubt, the Carlton House community is made up of many remarkable residents – but it wouldn’t be complete without the exceptional people who work here too. Perhaps one of the most rewarding things about working here is knowing that you’re making a positive impact every day in the life of someone else. No matter the job, the friendships that form here between staff and residents add meaning to the work. And it’s because of this camaraderie that staff become members of the community themselves, each in their own way.


Work Culture

We are very proud to say, we offer a fun, friendly, respectful work environment, and we have a healthy workplace culture. Our departments are fueled by teamwork and supported by an approachable leadership group. What’s more, Carlton House is locally, and family owned. It does not belong to a big corporation; we are not a chain. We are a family business, and we are committed to keeping Carlton House a great place to live and work for many years to come.


The Perks

Working here certainly has its own intrinsic rewards, but the perks definitely sweeten the deal! Carlton House staff can access the following:

  • Health, Dental, and Vision Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Vacation pay + 2 free additional paid days off
  • Guaranteed Hours
  • Free five-star meals! All staff can choose from the dining room menu before mealtimes and enjoy free meals at work.
  • Staff Events


Food for Thought

It’s no secret that today’s labour market has job seekers seeing more options than ever, which has created unique challenges for employers everywhere. Carlton House is of course no exception. We’d like to acknowledge this and let you know that we are happy to discuss any considerations that you may have in your application with Carlton House. Additionally, we are willing to train new people if they are a good fit for our team.

If you think you would be a good fit, please consider applying on one of the job opportunities below. We hope to hear from you soon!



Job Opportunities


Dining Room Server

Do you have a knack for service and a caring attitude? Do you enjoy chatting with interesting and independent seniors? If so, this might be the right job for you!

We are currently looking for a permanent, part-time, dining room server. The successful applicant will enjoy guaranteed hours, and schedule flexibility, along with the other perks listed above on this page.

This job pays $19 per hour, and all uniforms are provided by Carlton House.

Another bonus about this role: Although it is a hospitality job, you don’t have to work those late hospitality hours. The dining room closes at 7:30 PM and that means that you can get home and put your feet up at a reasonable hour.

Here in the dining room, we are a team of 14. We thrive on the fast-paced rhythm of taking people’s orders and serving great meals – But what’s more is we really love getting to know the residents who live in the building. They enrich our jobs in such a meaningful way. We are a welcoming group and are seeking one more friendly person to join our team.

If you are looking for stable work and a supportive environment, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us by sending your resume.

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