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A Wonderful Place to Live

March 10, 2023


It’s not everyday an 86-year-old packs up her life and moves to another continent, but that is exactly what Elaine Huntsman did. In 2017, Elaine left England and moved to Carlton House of Oak Bay to be near three of her eight children.

Born just North-East of London, Elaine lived most of her life in England, experiencing rationing, evacuation, and bombing as a young child.

At 18 she started her nursing training at St. Bartholomew’s hospital in London. It was there that she met her future husband Dr. Richard Huntsman, during a tricky medical procedure. The two were married in 1955.

In 1975 the pair emigrated to Newfoundland where Richard had accepted a faculty position at the medical school in St. John’s.

On his retirement they moved back to their house in Norfolk, England, where they spent their time taking trips and enjoying their lovely home. With all eight children (and 17 grandkids!) living around the world, there were many places to see, and adventures to be had.

Following Richard’s passing in 2015, Elaine began to miss her grandchildren, and her big, noisy, family gatherings. So, in 2017 she traveled to Victoria, to visit her daughter and two of her other children who live nearby. It was then that she stayed at Carlton House.

At the beginning of her stay, she really had no intention to leave England… That is, until she saw her beautiful suite! “It was a snap decision.” Elaine remembers, and it was one that changed her life. Elaine sold her house of 40 years and moved.

These days, Elaine enjoys taking walks, exercise classes, watercolour painting, playing bridge with friends, and many other activities offered via Carlton House’s Wellness Program. Her decision was a quick one, but it brought her to yet another adventure. One with friends, family, and a new place to call home.

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