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A Little Family History

July 28, 2023

Back in 2003 when Jacqueline Prewett’s family began to build Carlton House, she never imagined the impact the project would have on her life. 

“It was a family business from the get-go.” Prewett remembers, almost 19 years later. Her developer dad, Rod, saw a need for a senior’s residence in the Oak Bay Village, and he managed the construction process with his wife Judi. Jacqueline’s brothers and now husband pitched in by working with construction crews onsite. 

Jacqueline lived just around the corner and loved watching the building go up, but it wasn’t until the residents moved in that she realized the special connection between the community and the two families who owned the place. The Prewetts (Rod and Judi), and the Clarks (Steve and Betsyn) joined in the hustle and bustle of daily Carlton House life. They all added a personal connection that helped shape the residence into the unique community it is today. They loved to be involved, whether that meant teaching painting lessons, visiting residents, or dressing up as Santa at Christmas. 

Carlton House of Oak Bay Rod Prewett

Several years passed, and Carlton House began to feel more like a second home to Jacqueline. It was a warm and familiar place to be, with different friends and family living in, and the many delicious lunches she enjoyed in the dining room with her dad.

Then, much to everyone’s sadness, Rod passed away from a brief illness in 2019.

After that, Jacqueline joined the others on the Board of Directors, along with the Clark’s daughter Shelby, and began to get more involved. She later took on the role of Digital Marketing Manager, and that is where you’ll find her today. 

Carlton House of Oak Bay Judi Jacqueline Shelby

Now, she takes her own small children to Carlton House for visits and brings her own sense of fun and connection to the community. Just like her dad, Rod.

About Carlton House

Situated in beautiful Oak Bay, Carlton House is a locally-owned and -operated independent Senior Living community which offers several living options ranging from studios to two bedrooms. Residents enjoy an excellent quality of life with superb amenities in one of Victoria’s most highly desired neighbourhoods. It is independent living at its finest for those aged 55+.

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