Carlton House is an ideal place for seniors looking to enrich their lives through community living, improve their general wellbeing and relax in beautiful surroundings, free from daily chores.

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    Right at your front door.

    Situated in the heart of Oak Bay, Carlton House is walking distance to shops, restaurants, banks, the library, pharmacy and senior's centre.

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“You’ll want to take part in the activities here and enjoy life to the full”

Our job is to free up time for you to do what you enjoy doing. As such, we provide a comprehensive package of services that takes the hassles out of daily living.

“I feel so much better knowing help is always there if I need it”

It’s nice to know that someone is always aware of how you are doing. At Carlton House, the level of safety, security and comfort is reassuring to residents and families alike.

“It’s the best restaurant in all of Oak Bay!”

We pride ourselves on an atmosphere that is at once homey and resort-like, and nowhere is this ideal achieved more successfully than in our dining room. “You’re not just eating at Carlton House, you get to dine out every night.”

“If I had known how much fun it would be I’d have come sooner!”

Ask any Carlton House resident what it is they love most about living here, and they’ll tell you it’s the company. Our people are vibrant, accomplished and engaged – people who live full lives and like to have a good time.

The suite! It is my home. Come in and attend a Sunday brunch. We enjoy Sunday brunches and we know that anyone who attends from outside will just have a ball! They are a great thing. ~ Maurice and Diana Turner