About Carlton House


Located in the heart of Oak Bay, Victoria, just steps away from local amenities, Carlton House is an ideal place for seniors looking to enrich their lives through community living, improve their general wellbeing and relax in beautiful surroundings, free from daily chores.

With 88 comfortable suites, beautifully landscaped gardens and elegant common areas, Carlton House satisfies expectations for a physically-attractive, well-maintained and secure home, while also fostering a supportive community of enjoyment, camaraderie and pride.

Whether it’s the access to health, education and community programming you seek, the peace of mind of 24-hour security and round-the-clock staffing, or the joy of being part of a thriving community, you’ll find it here.

Awards and Accolades

Victoria Business Awards
‘Employee of the Year’, 2012

Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Women in Business Awards
‘Above and Beyond’, 2009

Black Press

Community Building Awards
‘Building of the Year’, 2005

Victoria Real Estate Board

When I walked into Carlton House I knew it was where I wanted to be. The building was cozy and full of laughter and chit-chat. Everyone was cheerful and friendly with each other and I liked that. ~ Sydnie Bonner